Old Man - Bicycle Cover

Size Guide

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Product Details:

Name: Flexible Bicycle Storage Bag

Material: Lycra + elastic bandage

Dimensions: The size of the non-stretching is 160 * 55 cm, which is suitable for wheels of 20-27.5 inches. The stretching size can be up to 180cm (71 inches) .(If it is too tight, you can choose to remove the pedals).

Use range: bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc.



User-friendly design, beautiful patterns, as a decorative image.

Open the lid and place directly on the wheel, which is simple and convenient.

Highly flexible lycra fabric with high quality elastic lace strap for added convenience.

The dust-proof design makes it easy to push the dust off the bicycle repeatedly and push it into the house with confidence.

Scratch-proof design, use the bicycle cover, do not worry about children at home or others accidentally scratch the bicycle.



Please check your bicycle length before buying. If you do not use your bicycle for an extended period of time, you can also remove the pedals.

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